Hazy Dayz

Today it really, like really, felt like Autumn.  And although it's exciting to layer and all, I'm kind of already missing those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Like this day for example.  My sis came with me to get my hair cut (a shaved cut, so suiting for sweltering summer heat), and after we dipped our feet in the fountain at Washington Square Park.  Yeah, it kind of made me sad to see kids wear floaties to swim in a fountain and not a lake, but they're growing up in New York so no complaints there.

I recall it was incredibly hot that day.  Even with a shaved head.  But as I write this, curled up in a ball with feet as cold as ice, I could go back to this day.  Even if just for a second.

(Please take note of my awesome temporary tattoo in photo #1.  It's a banner that says "YOUR MOM".  No need to tell me how cool I am.)

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