One year ago today I arrived in Australia.
I had a picnic at Stanwell Park and walked the Sea Cliff Bridge, all in a state of delirium thanks to a 16-hour time difference and immense jet lag. 

Those (wonderful) four months were a complete whirlwind of beautiful adventures, and life has a million more opportunities in store.

Australia, I love you, and I miss you more than words can describe.



T-minus 3 months till:
I graduate.
I move.
My whole life changes.

I've lived in this beautiful, historic building for nearly four years. I don't think I'll ever live somewhere else with a past like this building has had. 

And what a pleasure it has been.



Recently life has been a jolly good time.


The Book

So I'm back on Facebook.  I was extremely hesitant at first, or for the past two years, but I'm back in action.  

But people tagging me in millions of photos is making me relive all my wonderful life events.  Like that one time I held my best friend's hand while taking jumping pictures at Manly Beach.  
Yeah, how can I complain about that?

(photo by the beautiful Ali Redfern)


From Mia, with love

I love this year.  Yes, it's only the second day of the second month.  Yes, my computer isn't letting me upload any photos from my camera so I'm using iphone shots of family photos.

But I love this year.

I love my beautiful family, these photos, everything about them.  I love that it's near 50 degrees today.  I love that I can wake up, blast Harry Belafonte, and my friends will sing and dance along with me.  I love that I can make random friends at the coffee shop and score a free beverage.  I love how cheesy I am, and I love love love this year.

2014, I love you.