Artsy Fartsy

Today my darling sister and I wandered on down to the DUMBO Arts Festival.  The streets were packed, jam-full of art exhibits and people plenty!  Personally, our favorite installation had to be the giant macaroons, of course.

You could see my sister looking like a badass (as always), and me being a little too excited about an American flag a woman gave me who was dressed as the Statue of Liberty holding a Nerf gun.  But that's so totally awesome, right?

It was a nice stroll on such a beautiful September day, that sure felt like summer more than it did autumn!  Then we got a pumpkin whoopie pie, sat in the park, talked about life, and just watched the world go by.  Perfect weekend success.


Day at the Flea

These are just some lovely photos, from a lovely day, from this lovely summer.  How lovely!  Living in Greenpoint this summer I was a quick hop, skip, and a jump away from the Brooklyn Flea.  Just lovely, right?

This time in particular I meandered about as I dripped of sweat on such a hot sunny day but didn't have a care in the world.  I bought myself a horseshoe for good luck from the sweetest old man, sat by the water, and of course took a nap under the sweet summer sun.

I love walking around the flea to not even buy anything, but to observe and absorb all of my surroundings.  From the people weaving in and out of each other, the antique goods on display, the textures of vintage clothes, rugs, tapestries, and more, right down to the view of the Manhattan skyline.  Oh, what a site to see.  Or many sites, in this case.



That time I went to the Feast of San Gennaro, and my camera died after the second photo...and neither of them were even good.  

But then I stuffed my face full of cannolis and rice balls.  The End.


Day of Decay

So I have this friend.  This friend is an urban explorer.  That means he explorers man-made structures that are usually abandoned.  Such as mental hospitals, his favorite.  He took me to one and what a site it was.

With all honesty, I was quite hesitant of entering such a place due to all the spirits and whatever else would be lingering there.  But it was surprisingly peaceful.  The silence, the remains, and the thoughts of what once was, it was all so tranquil.

What a beautiful experience.


Hazy Dayz

Today it really, like really, felt like Autumn.  And although it's exciting to layer and all, I'm kind of already missing those lazy, hazy, crazy days of summer.

Like this day for example.  My sis came with me to get my hair cut (a shaved cut, so suiting for sweltering summer heat), and after we dipped our feet in the fountain at Washington Square Park.  Yeah, it kind of made me sad to see kids wear floaties to swim in a fountain and not a lake, but they're growing up in New York so no complaints there.

I recall it was incredibly hot that day.  Even with a shaved head.  But as I write this, curled up in a ball with feet as cold as ice, I could go back to this day.  Even if just for a second.

(Please take note of my awesome temporary tattoo in photo #1.  It's a banner that says "YOUR MOM".  No need to tell me how cool I am.)


Roosevelt Island Escapades

Okay, I know it's September and all, and it's finally starting to feel like Autumn, but this girl is still thinking about summer.  Early on this summer, like way way back in June, my buds and I took a little field trip to Roosevelt Island.

Living in New York, I don't really know why I've never been, because there is a tram.  I love tram rides.  It was awesome.

So yeah, we took the tram over yonder, and walked down to the new FDR park where we were greeted with a massive statue of the big guy's head.  The extension of the island is a park with rows of trees. I love (like LOVE) rows of trees.

There were also pretty flowers, pretty views, and pretty good waffle fries at a local restaurant we escaped to because of the bagillion degree weather.  All in all, it was a good field trip.  But I'll have to go back to see the lighthouse on the other end.  Another tram ride, here I come!


The Burgh

Taking the East River ferry up yonder to Billy-burgh for the Brooklyn Flea just never gets old.  The $4 ferry ride is hella gorgeous.  I mean, the views of the BK and Manhattan bridge are to die for.  

And then with a flea market filled with vintage goods, food trucks, and bearded, tattooed men galore?  Umm, does it get any better than that?

I think not.




So this is my life.  My summertime life through a few Instagrams.  Not going to lie, it was one of my best summers to date.  Living with my sister(s) in Greenpoint, going to Coney Island, cone after cone from Mr. Softee (!!!), balcony barbeques, turing 21, scenic morning runs, numerous New England travels, and rooftop sunsets.  

I can't believe summer went by that quickly but I ain't mad, because it was filled with so many wonderful things.  And now today I had my first classes of senior year, saw a girl in a sweater, and Starbucks has pumpkin.  Whoa, Fall.  Don't rush it.  
Not just yet anyway.


Nights in Coney

Last week my sis and I trekked down to Coney Island to meet the Admiral (our mother) for a Chicago concert.  As the Admiral and her buddies broke the rules and held seats for us, we zipped down the block to get some fries and frogs legs for the show.  Not a bad night if I do say so myself.