So I know I'm supposed to go home this time of year and spend time with my family and all that, but I feel like I can finally breathe.  After being in school for what seems like one million months straight, I finally get time to myself.  

My staycation so far, is better than I imagined.  It was (oddly) a warm 65 degrees one day so I walked the bridge.  I always wonder why I don't walk the bridge more often, but then when I do, I'm reminded how packed it is full of tourists standing in the bike lane and taking photos with every step they take.

The warmth in the air and the sunset made this the end to a perfect day, and there is only more to come.


Christmas Eve Eve

Well it's Christmas Eve Eve and I'm off to Long Island to see the fam.  

I don't think I'll miss my little dorm room all that much, although my Christmas tree is quite adorable if I do say so myself.


The Strand

So what if we are those girls that sneak into the depths of the basement in Strand so we can snap a few photos as we look at books?  

You know you want to, too.



You know that feeling when you get a disposable camera developed after months of it going from occasion to occasion, event to event?  It's almost as if those days were forgotten, but now there is a photo to show for even the most insignificant activity of that day.

And when you hold these photos, you think to yourself how you have to keep these forever.  These photos are worthy to show your kids some day.  To show them what you did back in Brooklyn.  Back in those college days.

Maybe they're photos in your sister's Greenpoint apartment, journeys on the LIRR, Williamsburg bars on Thanksgiving Eve, or tuxedo cats.  Big hearted friends in a small ass dorm room, or stylin' shades.  Or maybe that time two people rode one bike to get ice cream down the block, or laid on a blanket outside of the gate to a Central Park concert because you didn't want to spend $50 bucks to get in.

These are the times to never forget.


My Sister


I'm thinking of my sister on this rainy Friday night in, as I'm listening to Juliana Hatfield's song "My Sister". She's just so great. Like SO great.

"I miss my sister, I really miss her"

We live 4 miles apart and that sadly takes a whopping 40 minutes. Oh New York.



Sometimes I wish I could just stop time.   

I would like to stop time so I have more of it.  More time to travel, meet amazing people while on the other side of the world, visit them back in American whenever I get the chance, reminisce of our travels and our tans, and document it all no matter where life takes us.


End of Autumn

Only a few more weeks left of Autumn but it already feels like winter.  It's finally December and I couldn't be happier.  

There is already a wreath up on my door, a Christmas tree soon to follow, and the air is nice and crisp on those long walks throughout the neighborhood.


Givin' thanks

This Thanksgiving I'm thankful for everyone and everything in my life.  I have the best family a girl could ask for, pretty bomb-ass friends, and am as fortunate as can be.

I'm thankful for it all, each and every day.


Days In

The colder it gets the more time I'm spending inside.  My room isn't as cozy as it can be just yet, but the photos, lights, trinkets from travels, and patterns galore make it more homey.  
It'll get there.


Drunk Train


Sometimes, when you're stuck at the Merrick, Long Island train station at 9:24 at night, surrounded by bros (the forever fraternity), you just have to have a photo shoot.

You have to take a minute from your family-filled day and take snap shots of real life.  Because even though you bring your camera to that family dinner to document (and barely take any photos), it's going to be that night on the platform with your sister you're going to remember.

How late the train was, the discussions we had, the laughs we shared, and all the while being surrounded by Long Islanders waiting for the drunk train.



Photos from October, blog post from November.  Sometimes life is so busy you barely document it.  And when do it is of the little things.  

Sunsets on buildings, pinatas named Bertha, vintage varsity jackets in the park, pumpkins and gourds on the window sill, coconut donuts from Peter Pan Bakery on a Sunday morning, and the flame of the candle that fills the room with scents of an apple orchard.