You know that feeling when you get a disposable camera developed after months of it going from occasion to occasion, event to event?  It's almost as if those days were forgotten, but now there is a photo to show for even the most insignificant activity of that day.

And when you hold these photos, you think to yourself how you have to keep these forever.  These photos are worthy to show your kids some day.  To show them what you did back in Brooklyn.  Back in those college days.

Maybe they're photos in your sister's Greenpoint apartment, journeys on the LIRR, Williamsburg bars on Thanksgiving Eve, or tuxedo cats.  Big hearted friends in a small ass dorm room, or stylin' shades.  Or maybe that time two people rode one bike to get ice cream down the block, or laid on a blanket outside of the gate to a Central Park concert because you didn't want to spend $50 bucks to get in.

These are the times to never forget.

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