My friends and I have had many-a-photoshoots in front of this here construction site, and in front of the many murals that have graced it's presence.  Why they've been doing construction here for so long is beyond me. 


21 on the 21st

One month ago today I celebrated my 21st birthday, and it was a grand old time, for sure.  Yes, these pictures are blurry and there aren't many more to show for, but I guess we were just too busy enjoying ourselves to care.  

I got to wear my brand new Free People dress and necklace, which had to be the best birthday present ever.  My sister and her lovely roommate were so kind to let me hold this shindig in their little Greenpoint apartment and it was just perfect.

Cotton candy cake, booze popsicles, champagne (for a champagne birthday!), a pinata filled with tootsie rolls and tootsie pops, a bangin' photo booth, and the best company I could have asked for.

I can already tell 21 is going to be a gooood year.  


Shakespeare in McCarren

It's sad to think that for such a great afternoon there are only four, blog-worthy photos to show for.  I don't want summer to end, although I cannot say I'm mad about Fall creepin' in.  But I sure will miss those summer days hanging with my sister in McCarren Park.

Not only did I practice my skate skills (or lack thereof), but I created our very own "Shakespeare in the Park" giving Hamlet my best British accent and Horatio a nice, deep, Southern accent.  Obviously that's what he'd sound like.  Duh.

(pictures of me taken by the sister)


Summer snapshots

It's summer in the city!  Well, all of these pictures were taken inside my apartment so maybe it doesn't really portray a city summer as it should.  I'll have to get on that... 


Up on the rooftop

I accompanied my sister to a rooftop birthday party and boy, oh boy!  It was so nice to be with some fellow Vermonters for the night.  We’re a rare breed down here amongst the city folk. 

We enjoyed the sunset, the views, and each other’s company – of course. The birthday girl’s roomie whipped up an amazing peach themed meal - peach sangria, chicken with peach salsa, and peach cobbler?  Uhh, yes please!  All in all it was a good night and I couldn’t have wanted it any other way. 


Up yonder in the mountains...

So this past week I went home.  Home is in Vermont.  A quaint little town of about 1,500 people.  Yes, towns can be that small.  It was nice to get out of the city and go up yonder in the mountains.  

The week's festivities included: morning runs past the cows, canoeing at Emerald Lake, blueberry picking, rope swings, campfires, pbr, dirt roads, back roads, dirt-back roads, trivia night, bad pizza, running into people you miss from high school, running into people you don't miss from high school, Ben & Jerry's (suiting), Bromley Mountain, visiting my old boss who just so happens to be the nicest person in the world, tag sales, movie nights, camping, and nostalgia galore.

I'd say it was a damn good time up yonder in the mountains.