About two weeks ago I deleted my Instagram and I feel kind of free.  Similar to the way I deleted my Facebook last October.  Maybe this is a new tradition or something.

So now I don't feel the need to take aerial photos, or photos of my food, or include my feet...well not as much anyway.

I guess this will force me to break out the real camera more often, as I should be.




I want to say this is how I'm feeling right now but when this photo was taken 15 months ago it was out of pure excitement.  

Pure joy to be at a campfire, with two of my best friends, in the summer warmth, in the Vermont country, wearing a cat shirt.  I don't think it gets much better than that.

But right about now I just might explode.  Explode with the stress, confusion, and bullshit of what is senior year.  May can come now, thanks.

(photo taken by the lovely M.B. English)


That one time...

That one time, when I went to Australia...it was awesome.

I want to go back to the country of blue oceans, fresh air, and white sanded beaches.  Warm sun, warm banana bread, and warm hearted people.  Scary snakes and even scarier spiders.  Party buses, Wednesday nights, and even sacks of goon.  

I want to go back to those long days that were filled with so much adventure.  Coming home to a roommate I could talk to about anything.  From politics to penises, we could talk forever.  

I just want to go.


Home is Where the Leaves Are

Going home to Vermont is best this time of year.  The leaves were as vibrant as ever and these pictures just don't do it justice.  

Between the walks in the woods, hot apple cider, surprising my best friend, silly pumpkin patch photo shoots, and the serenity of small towns was just what I needed.  It's nice to get away from the city every now and then, go back to your roots, and just appreciate the beauty of it all.

(photos of me taken by my lovely mother)


One Sec

Hold on one sec.  Please excuse me while I spend the weekend back home.  

It may not be rope swing weather anymore, but it's autumn and we all know what that means.  Time to peep at them leaves (!!!!!)


Disposables Down Under

I got my disposable cameras developed from my semester in Australia and let's just say I cannot stop looking at these photos without smiling.