Missing You

Today, and every day, I am missing Cambodia.  Missing the busy streets, beautiful people, and all the sites to see.

I love you Cambodia, and I miss you each and every day.


xiii. Five Leaves with Gina

xiii. Five Leaves with Gina - officially checked off the 22 before 23 list

We finally got around to beating the crowd at Five Leaves and all I have are these photos of my beautiful sister.



A few weeks before Halloween the gals in my family had our very first mother-daughter vacation to Salem, Massachusetts.  We learned about witchcraft, the trials, historic buildings, and more about pumpkin beer.  The necessities.


New York

I love New York.  I miss New York.  I want to be in New York right now.  But when I'm there I only look forward to getting away.


xiv. Shotgun a beer

xiv. Shotgun a beer - officially checked off the 22 before 23 list.

Just when you think life cannot get any better - it does.  You find yourself on a Phnom Penh rooftop with people from all over the world.  You find yourself shotgunning beers with your bosses.  You find yourself talking, laughing, listening, drinking, and drinking some more.  You find yourself seeing your friends and making new ones.