The Path

"I was walking in Central Park earlier today and I started going through a wooded forestry area. When I was walking around I eventually stumbled upon this dirt path and I started thinking about how maybe it's this old path no one walks on anymore and it will lead to an area of Central Park that people don't know about or have forgotten about. No sooner that I stopped thinking some guy in neon yellow shorts comes running down the path kicking up dirt.

I then realized how this is actually a really profound thought. Because obviously this isn't a "new" path, it's a path and in order for something to be a path it has to be walked on and it has to be walked by a good amount of people otherwise it isn't a path.

So why did I think this was a forgotten or old path?

Then I started thinking this is what's wrong with college and how people set us up for success. They make you think there's this path and some how that path is good and the only path you should take and even though everyone uses that path it's still good because it leads to success. But that's silly. Shouldn't we just make a new path? And if you make a new path then there isn't any 'path' to judge it on so technically you can make it go wherever you want. Right?

So who is to say your path is starting off wrong. Any new path is better than an old path because it doesn't have an end. So it's unpredictable. So no one can tell anyone their path is wrong or bad until the end in which someone will have or at least think there life path was better."

These are the words of a good friend of mine, who seems to have stumbled upon it.  'It' being that thing we know, that thing we feel comfortable with -- whatever that thing is that let's us know it will all be okay, and he seems to have found it without even looking.

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